As the name implies, these models remind us view of the tropical forests. Because of high flexibility, beauty and various design Tropical models is the most popular model among of VIVARIA’s terrariums.

The minimum dimension for these models are 80*40*90 cm (length*depth*height).

You can see plants and flowers both on the floor glass box and the rear wall of the glass in these models which on the rear wall is built rock form by special materials and designed by plants.

They can be used as a complete separator of two different spaces with one-side view or two sides’ ones.

These models can be installed everywhere particularly inside of high and short walls. Also they can be built on wooden or metal bases beside the walls in the lobbies’ of houses, hotels, restaurants.

There are the high diversity of plants and possibility to install of the fountain in Tropical models.

The advantages:

      Applicable to the small size, large and XL sizes up to 30 and 40 M
      Possibility to install fountains and cold vapors.
      The high diversity of plants depends on the dimension.
      Great plants variety due to the vertical wall.
      Possibility to keep different types of reptiles.


It is better to spray water daily or weekly to accelerate plants growth; If not, there is no problems just the growth will be slower. If the doors’ of terrarium are opened daily for just 3 or 4 minutes, it can be very helpful for the plants health.

These above maintenances are not necessary to do but they are very effective.