Classic models are the simplest terrariums which are also popular and attractive models. They have short height which causes to install everywhere.

The minimum dimension for these models are 80*40*60 cm (length*depth*height).

The plants and decorations are just seen on the floor of glass box which is shown in blew pictures. Stones and woods as tree trunks have been used in Classic terrariums.

They can be used as a separator walls which has two sides’ views. Also they can be used along the walls, on the kitchens open- walls, inside the short height walls and on the wooden or metal bases.

The run time and cost are less than other models.

  The advantages:

      Lower cost than to other models.
      Installed in any places particularly spaces with low height and depth.
      Possible changes in the interior design and plants.
      Relatively short construction time.
      Due to the low height no needs to special handling, such as daily or weekly sprays of water and the irrigation time is long.

The disadvantages:

      Fountain installation is not possible.
      The plants which are selected for these models are usually short and less diversity (diversity of plant species in this model is approximately 20 to 30).