The Amazon models actually are a paludarium which is mix of a terrarium and an aquarium. So because of this combination, the beauty of these models is more than others and makes you feeling of Amazon forests. It is not necessary to use fish in aquarium part; it can be used aquatic plants and types of amphibians.

The Amazon models are very popular because of the great fans of aquariums. It will be created a small paradise for nature enthusiasts when a terrarium and an aquarium are combined together.

The minimum dimension for these models are 80*40*90 cm (length*depth*height) (Also note that more depth is more beautiful than less ones). The aquarium space is generally between 40 to 50 cm and the rest of it is considered for outside of water.

They can be used for all parts of homes, offices and restaurants as a unique design.

The advantages:

      Applicable to the small size, large and XL sizes up to 30 and 40 M.
      Possibility to install fountains and cold vapors.
      The high diversity of plants depends on the dimension.
      Great plants variety due to the vertical wall.
      Possibility to keep different types of reptiles and amphibian.


The maintenances of these models are simpler than other ones because the evaporation of aquarium water makes inside of terrarium more moisturize than the other models. There is no need to spray water. If you have an enough time, it will be better to open the terrarium doors to ventilation.