Generally, terrariums have similar needs which are divided into three main sections: Light, Humidity and Ventilation.



In order to importance of light in plants’ Photosynthesis, the plants which are used in terrariums require the least amount of light. Nevertheless, we use artificial light to get the best result. So you can have terrariums in dark places such as undergrounds and subway stations.

An ideal amount of time to be exposed light is 12 hours a day.

Also it is necessary to use special timers for long journeys (more than 4 days).


Humidity is another important growth factor. Usually humidity of terrariums should be 75% – 85%. More than this level causes fungus diseases and less than 75% of humidity inhibits plant growth.

Also enclosed space of terrariums and the special soils helps to keep humidity longer than usual.

The terrariums should be irrigated monthly in clod seasons and twice a month in warm seasons.


Plants need fresh air and oxygen like other live creature. The ventilation can be done manually daily or few days by opening terrariums’ doors for just 4-5 minutes. Also it can be possible to install automatic fans to ventilate.