A terrarium is a container which looks like an aquarium whereas in a terrarium has been kept plants and flowers instead of water and fish.
A terrarium is designed to be hold small plants and animals in controlled environmental conditions such as water, soil, light, humidity and temperature.
A terrarium may be small enough to fit on a countertop or a desk in a classrooms, or it may be a very large structure such as the different parts of apartments, official centers, companies, hotels and etc.
The terrariums provide the exact quantity of light and water by hidden automatic systems. Self-supporting and practically maintenance-free Vivaria’s terrariums remind the scene of the jungles to your habitat.
You can enjoy the fascinating flowering and growing of plants and the observation of beautiful animals in unique natural surroundings With Vivaria’s terrariums.

The Advantages of the terrariums:

  • The most important advantage of terrariums is the minimum irrigation need. It means terrariums need to be irrigated just monthly.
  • Lack of light always has being the biggest obsession in the dark places for plants enthusiasts. So hidden lightening automatic systems are installed in terrariums by Vivaria’s experts to provide light requirement.
  • Diseases are the other problem which all plants enthusiasts have faced it. A terrarium is a sterile place that provided by Vivaria’s experts.
  • Variety of plants is another advantage of the terrariums. It means you can have different kind of plants (with the same environmental condition) in terrariums, such as African violets and orchids.

Generally, you can feel nature and peace in addition to beauty and positive mental effects to enjoy your life and work with Vivaria’s terrarium.

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